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Discover Ignis

An indispensable tool for wildland firefighters, Overwatch equips you with a range of map layers and tailored features and tools designed to enhance situational awareness before arriving at an incident scene. With Overwatch, you gain access to critical resources, including fire weather forecasts, an incident dashboard providing real-time fire statistics in your area, and specialized map layers such as the Severe Fire Danger Index, Current Incidents, 24-hour lightning strike data, and ground medevac response times—just to name a few.
Within Overwatch lies the ability for seamless map data sharing. No matter your location or device type, our app enables you to effortlessly exchange vital information with other users, even in areas without cell phone service.

SFDI Forecast.png

Key Features

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Wildland Fire Layers

Choose from a variety of base maps and layers created and aggregated specifically for wildland firefighters. These include Lightning, Aviation, and cutting-edge dynamic layers coming from Federal Research Labs across the US.

ignis_productimage_2 (1).png

Improved PDF Maps

Overlay PDF maps onto the Ignis base maps and view them in 3D to gain quick intel. These can downloaded from the Ignis Map Store, or uploaded on your own.

ignis_addpoint_mockup (1).png

Offline Data 

NWCG Points, Lines, and Polygons can be created, shared, and edited all without cellular service. Offline Sync happens in the background without any action required.



Quick access to the Zone and Incidents Dashboards lets you view incidents in your area, uncover pertinent data about the fire
and access resources for that Zone.

ignis_layer_mockup (1).png


Overwatch is designed to be as intuitive and easy as possible for firefighters. All the information you need, conveniently
located at your fingertips. 

ignis_resources_mockup (1).png

Useful Fire Tools
Built In

The resources section contains a selection of documents that are necessary for wildland firefighting, making it easy to slim down your crew boss kit!  Not only that, but you can save your own favorite links and documents and access tools developed for firefighting, such as a friction loss calculator and Probability of Ignition calculator.

Our Ignis Application Plans

Emergency-Ready Solutions: Discover the Benefits of Each Plan.

Open Beta

Offline Services

Fire Specific Maps Layers

Ignis Base Maps

Fire Weather Dashboard


Crew Messaging

PDF Maps

Sharing Functionality

Advanced Map


Zone Dashboard

All Open Beta and
Crew Features

Real-time Zone Updates 

Fire Weather Dashboard

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Purchase Modes

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enrolled in Overwatch.

Download Open Beta

Open Beta Mode is now available
for free to all wildland firefighters.
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Learn Overwatch

Check out our Knowledge Base to learn the ins and outs of Overwatch or get in touch with our team!

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