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With its purpose-built features, Ignis empowers firefighters with high situational awareness and helps them gather and maintain critical information in the field. 

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Ignis is an indispensable tool that plays a critical role in aiding wildland firefighters to achieve high situational awareness. It provides an extensive range of fire line resources that are imperative for fighting fires; this includes detailed fire weather forecasts, firefighting tools, and specialized map layers such as the Severe Fire Danger Index, Ground Medevac Transport times, 24-hour lightning strikes, and Dispatch boundaries.
Wildfire intelligence data is continuously streamed and displayed across built-in dashboards, ensuring that firefighters can access the most up-to-date information. Ignis features a robust mesh network operating in the background, allowing users to share map data such as points, lines, and polygons.
This makes it simple to navigate deep in the woods and communicate spatial information with your crew. With Ignis, firefighters can conveniently locate all the essential resources they need at their fingertips, allowing them to stay on top of rapidly changing incidents. 

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Dynamic Features Designed for Wildland Firefighters

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Wildland Fire Layers

Choose from a variety of base maps and layers created and aggregated specifically for wildland firefighters. These include Lightning, Aviation, and cutting-edge dynamic layers coming from Federal Research Labs across the US.

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Improved PDF Maps

To gain quick intel, overlay PDF maps onto the Ignis base map and view them in 3D. PDF maps can be downloaded from the Ignis Map Store or uploaded on your own.

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Offline Data 

NWCG Points, Lines, and Polygons can be created, shared, and edited without cellular service. Offline sync happens in the background, utilizing a powerful mesh network between other Ignis users.



The built-in Dashboards provide real-time intelligence on wildfires and the resources firefighters need to fight them.

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Useful Fire Tools
Built In

Get instant access to essential documents for wildland firefighting in the Resources section. Utilize fillable forms, save preferred links and documents, and access firefighting tools on the go. Simplify your crew boss kit and increase your firefighting efficiency.

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All the information you need, conveniently
located at your fingertips. Designed with your needs in mind, Ignis offers an intuitive and quick learning experience for firefighters on the go. 

Ignis Subscription Levels

Emergency-Ready Solutions: Explore the Benefits of Each Plan.

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Ignis Lite

Ignis Base Maps

Incident Dashboard

Real-Time Fire Updates

Wildland Fire Map Layers

Fire Weather Dashboard

Offline Services

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Ignis Core

All Ignis Lite Features

Unlimited PDF Storage

Offline Data Sync

Admin Portal

Advanced Layers

Scalable Seats to Fit Any Crew

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